Why subscribe?

The Breads is written by me, Eli London. I’m a freelance journalist and photographer, but most importantly I’m a guy who reads a shitload of things on the interweb. This is a newsletter where I tell you about those things and why they are worthwhile to read. I’m here to kick your other newsletters out of the way like Mr. Kramer below.

What The Breads Is

The Breads is a (mostly) weekly collection of stuff from the internet. The purpose of the newsletter is to discuss important and interesting non-political things (articles, videos, twitter threads, art, products) that give readers points of conversation to make with friends or co-workers – the sort of things that make you go "I was reading an article about X and found Y and Z things regarding X super interesting, don't you think?" It usually features around 20-some odd links with varying levels of commentary depending on importance. It will help you navigate this ever-spiralling world with a bit more knowledge and information. You can see past examples here.

What The Breads Is Not

This is not a news roundup. While many of the things I share will be timely, they will not be breaking news and they will not be about politics. If you want that there are plenty of good newsletters doing that shit. I may comment on how things in the newsletter tie back to politics or breaking news, but the content will never be explicitly that. At most, which will be rare, it will be, we’ll call it, hard-news-tangential.

What To Expect

Things that will give you interesting facts and points to make to all those you regale (or bombard, depending on how well liked you are) with conversation. Articles about science, technology, pop culture, lifestyle, travel, art, the environment, business and more. Everything will have wide-reaching implications. But it’s also meant to be a fun newsletter, so there will also be dope independent brands, good music, interesting artists, youtube vids, tweets, memes and other fun, random things that you should know about. Sometimes there will even be interviews I do with very cool and successful people and sometimes there will be full articles that I write because I have a hankering for some original content. Who knows really!

Look, it’s gonna be a good time. So just give it a shot. If you have any questions or just want to yell at me about something you can find me on Twitter or you can email me directly at info@thebreadsnewsletter.com.

Hope to see you around. Peace!