The Breads Roundup No. 76

Job Quitters, The Science of Sleep and The New Fame

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Hello Ranch Dressers,

Boy I’ll tell you my productivity has really been in the sh*tter this past few weeks. Not because I’m burned out but because there have been too many sweet sports on to properly concentrate on work like a good boy. Between the NBA playoffs (which have been amazing as this is the first time in years nobody really knows who the hell is gonna win) and the group stages of the Euros, my days are packed with sports as if I was the parent of three high schoolers who are marginally popular. I always tell myself I can work and watch sports because sports are the background drug of watching television. But they aren’t. I still get work done but at maybe like 50% capacity.

There is no moral of the story here. Would I be a little less stressed if I didn’t try to watch sports and work? Yeah probably. But I would also be missing out on the best part of being partially employed and working from the crib: the fact I can watch sports midday while working. To all potential employers that may read this just know I would never ever watch sports while on your clock. Me? Never.

Speaking of sports, you should read this essay in The Paris Review called “On Sneakers” by one of my favorite writers, Hanif Abdurraqib. This line has me weeping – "The message that whispers a reminder: nothing from the past is as glorious as I remember it. If I get close enough, the memories fall apart."

Ok time for the usual linkies. Enjoy.

What Quitters Understand About The Job Market

Just Give Me A Synopsis:
An argument for a titanic shift in worker empowerment that has occurred as a result of the pandemic. 2021 has seen an unprecedented amount of quitting as many workers demand what they are worth, and have the giblets to quit when they aren't given what they need or deserve.

And A Quote From The Article Please:

Quitting gets a bad rap in life, as it’s associated with pessimism, laziness, and lack of confidence. In labor economics, however, quits signify the opposite: an optimism among workers about the future; an eagerness to do something new; and a confidence that if they jump ship, they won’t drown but rather just land on a better, richer boat.

And Tell Me Why I should Care:
As this piece points out, this uptick may also be the result of people who would normally be quitting but held on to a job they hate because of the pandemic and now they are finally leaving. It also argues the pandemic may have been an event that spurred the introduction of technology that makes staff's life easier and allows for less workers, who can then be paid more money (been to a restaurant where you just scan a QR code and order?)

It is realistically somewhere in between. Everyone is quick to praise service and essential workers, but many still aren't as gung ho about giving them what they deserve. Same goes for white collar workers who are now demanding more flexibility with regard to when they are and aren't in the office. The times they are a changing (by times I mean work, I just wanted to say that phrase) but we'll see how long that change actually lasts for.

The New Science Of Sleep: Everything We Know About How It Affects Your Health And Brain

Just Give Me A Synopsis:
A lot of scientific stats on all the ways that sleep is important. You'd be surprised by how impactful it is to get the full eight hours. Even missing a little bit of sleep has majorly deleterious effects. Go to bed!

And A Quote From The Article Please:

Unfortunately, sleep is also not like the bank. Let’s say I deprive you of sleep for a night (eight hours) at my Center for Human Sleep Science. Then I give you all of the recovery sleep you want on a second or even third night. While you will sleep more on those nights, you will never claim back all that slumber that you lost. Indeed, you may claim back less than 50 per cent of that missing eight hours.

And Tell Me Why I should Care:
In this newsletter we bemoan the perils of hustle culture, because, well, it is not a cool culture. And as it turns out, losing sleep, as is glorified in that movement, is actually freaking terrible for you. Anytime you are being obnoxious and someone asks if you got enough sleep don't take it as something offensive, just realize that you are probably a cranky piece of sh*t because missed sleep gunks everything up. All the info in this article really makes it evident that sleep is the most important thing to prolonged health.

Naomi Osaka And The Language Of Fame

Just Give Me A Synopsis:
An essay on the difference between celebrity public effacement of the past and present (post social media) all through the lens of Naomi Osaka bowing out of the French Open. A great meditation on the modern trials and tribulations of being a celebrity.

And A Quote From The Article Please:

It’s no longer a requirement of the job of being famous to trust other people to construct your public persona, which is surely, in some obvious ways, a relief. (To Ms. Osaka, an athlete born in 1997, the notion may seem absurd in the first place.) This obligation, however, has been replaced by one that’s easy to underestimate, and even harder to avoid: Once a celebrity has taken control of her story, it’s up to her to keep telling it. The demand remains unyielding. It’s just coming directly from the public.

And Tell Me Why I should Care:
We're constantly subjected to the perfect lives of celebs (and people who shouldn't be celebs but have lots of followers) across social media. This article discusses how the media used to be the lens through which we viewed celebrities, but now that lens is constantly on (from social media) and must constantly be maintained and it takes a huge toll on people. What Naomi did was brave and will hopefully open up a lot of eyes to issues at hand. We gotta find a happy medium.

Weird Internet Resource Of The Week

I used Cafecito a bit during Covid and had a really great experience. It basically pairs you up with a random person every week to have a virtual coffee (or in person now). You can set goals for the week on what type of people you are looking to meet. Sure, sometimes you’ll get some real weirdos, but overwhelmingly the people are good and cool and great to chat with. And sometimes you’ll even meet a person you keep in touch with. Yay new friends.

Damn These People Are Way Cooler Than I’ll Ever Be

  • The Big-Hearted Influence Of @NewYorkNico
    One of my favorite accounts in all of Instagram. If you're not following and live in New York you really should be. This is a nice little profile on Nico who highlights small businesses and all the weird sh*t that makes New York the best city in the world. He posts some wild (and heartwarming) stuff and is becoming actually influential, not just an influencer. He got famous New Yorker’s like Seinfeld and Jadakiss to record subway announcements (even though I haven’t heard any I don’t think) and was influential in this Mayoral election. Cool dude.

  • Kelis On Finding Freedom Through Farming
    “Finding Freedom Through Farming” sounds like a weird culty book you would see a preroll ad for on YouTube vids, but alas here we are. A great article on Kelis getting in touch with her bucolic side. She discusses how getting back to nature has been a freeing experience for her. A really interesting read on someone doing something you would not expect. I guess now you could say her green juice is bringing all the boys to the yard. I'm sorry I had to.

  • This Modest New York Apartment Holds One Of The Best Art Collections In Town
    A look at the apartment of Alvin Hall who has been collecting contemporary African-American art for the past handful of decades. Scouting and purchasing from artists whose work now sells for millions, all from a small two-bedroom apartment. A really incredible look into his life.

Other Interesting Things You May Or May Not Care About

  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame at 25: ‘The Most R-Rated G You Will Ever See’
    I need to go back and watch this one! Don't remember the tale of 'ole Quasimodo being as raunchy as this. Interesting history of how the movie came to be and how it snagged the coveted G rating.

  • ‘Bottlegate’ At The Euros Shows The Limit Of Sports Influencers
    Similar to the Osaka piece above, this shows the power that popular players do have. Ronaldo moves a Coca-Cola bottle out of the way and the stock goes tumbling. All because of his shredded abs which require water to maintain their form and can’t be subjected to high fructose corn syrup.

  • The Rich, Weird, And Frustrating World of Depression-Era Travel Guides
    As part of the New Deal there was something known as The Federal Writers Project (FWP) that basically paid people to write stuff. One of those projects, a huge undertaking, was The American Guides or very weird and in-depth state guides that were not all rainbows and butterflies as you would expect from a government coming out of a great depression and trying to convince its citizens how awesome the country is again.

  • He Bought A Cheap House In Italy. This Is What Happened Next.
    I share a handful of articles about $1 Italian homes in dying Italian villages and y'all always click on them, so here is an interview with someone who actually bought one and what their experience was like. Sounds pretty Shining-esque to me. Old dilapidated home in the Italian mountains, lots of snow, isolation. This guy is one set of twins away from chopping down a door with an axe!

  • How Glowing Bacteria In The Dirt May One Day Save Lives
    It is trained to glow when it detects the presence of certain chemicals in land mines. It is also E. Coli so please don't let it go anywhere near your meat or vegetables because then you're still gonna be blowing stuff up (the toilet if you know what I'm saying! Sheesh I'm sorry.)

Other Newsletters You Should Check Out

I recently got into The Daily Coach. The point of it is to help readers become better leaders via a hands-on approach. That should come as a ringing endorsement because as many of you know I am pretty against the self help, “here’s how to be better” type of content the internet is filled with. However, they do this with interesting stories that are tied to current events in the sports or business world, along with takeaways on how those things can help you personally. Even if you aren’t technically a leader by job title, there is a lot in here to help you out. You can subscribe here.

Brands I Quite Like

There are so many brands out there that are not cool or unique that I thought I would highlight new brands that I think are in fact doing dope things and are worth knowing about. This is not sponsored or full of affiliate links.

DIOP - Diaspora Inspired Streetwear

I’ve been following Diop for a while now and they are doing some really dope stuff. Started by a second generation Nigerian fellow in Detroit, his mother used to bring back fabric from West Africa to make clothes for him in his youth. He realized that there could be a business in that and started Diop to spread West African culture and design out here. They make some really amazing pieces that are especially great for summer. And if you are like me, a white dude, wondering if it is kosher to wear this, they have an entire section on the website discussing cultural appropriation that is super insightful. Check em out.

Let’s Just Looks At Art Because Reading Sucks

You Wanted Music? You’re Getting Music!

  • This cover of As the World Caves In by Sarah Cothran has been making its round on TikTok but it is so beautiful it is worth a listen in full

  • This song TSHA by OnlyL feat. NIMMO is a little clubbier than I usually like, and honestly starts a little cheesy, but when it drops it ain’t bad. Catchy for sure.

  • Tyler, the Creator is dropping a new album on Friday, so now is as good a time as ever to revisit his damn near perfect album IGOR from 2019.

Lists Are What The Internet Was Made For!

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