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Deep Sea Nodules, Bison and Meat Packing Plants

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The Deep Sea Is Filled With Treasure, But It Comes At A Price

Just Give Me A Synopsis:
Deep sea mining of rare metals is all the rage nowadays. There are vast deposits of crucial metals used for tech developments at volumes much higher than on land. They also happened to take millions of years to develop and are part of fragile, and relatively unknown deep sea habitats.

And A Quote From The Article Please:

Scales, like Widder, worries that the bottom of the ocean will be wrecked before many of the most marvelous creatures living there are even identified. “The frontier story has always been one of destruction and loss,” she writes. “It is naïve to assume that the process would play out any differently in the deep.” Indeed, she argues, the depths are particularly ill-suited to disturbance because, owing to a scarcity of food, creatures tend to grow and reproduce extremely slowly. “Vital habitat is created by corals and sponges that live for millennia,” she writes.

And Tell Me Why I should Care:
It's a debate, but it really isn't a debate, as to the mining of these regions. There is money to be made and thus we will find ways to justify exploiting the land. Hopefully efforts will be made towards doing it in a sustainable, non-destructive manner, but scientists are doubtful that can happen when it is done in a brand new ecosystem that we barely know anything about. Think of the deep sea slugs and their children!

An Effort To Bring Wild Bison To The Great Plains Aims To Restore One Of The World’s Most Endangered Ecosystems.

Just Give Me A Synopsis:
In the 1500s there were estimated to be between 30 and 60 million buffalo roaming across The Great Plains. By the early 1900s that number was down to one thousand. It has bounced back up now to around half a million and now joint coalitions of indigenous people and scientists are working to bring back buffalo in a sustainable matter to their historic habitats.

And A Quote From The Article Please:

Another advantage bison have over cattle is their ability to adjust their metabolism to suit environmental conditions. In winter, their range is the same as in summer, but they consume fewer calories, and they can survive on much less forage during a drought year, for example.

And Tell Me Why I should Care:
Bison are environmental lynchpins and do so much more for the health of an ecosystem than cattle. They are also very healthy as far as red meat goes. They are also big as hell and will f*ck you up if you get in their way. So we must bring them back to help the ecosystem but also to teach dumb instagram clout chasers a lesson that get too close. We aren't rooting for death by animal here, just maybe like a lesson-teaching broken arm that heals perfectly.

Six Months On The Line In One Of America’s Most Dangerous Industries.

Just Give Me A Synopsis:
The most dangerous industry would be meat-packing and the location would be Dodge City, Kansas. A journalist takes a job cutting up dead cows during the pandemic and writes about the experience. He touches on food safety, worker safety, the pandemic, politics, immigration and more.

And A Quote From The Article Please:

In March, the plant started to implement a series of social-distancing measures, including some that had been recommended by the CDC and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It staggered breaks and installed plexiglass barriers on tables in the cafeteria and thick plastic curtains between workstations on the production line. During the third week of August, metal dividers suddenly appeared in the men’s bathrooms, providing workers with a bit of space (and privacy) at the stainless-steel urinal troughs.

And Tell Me Why I should Care:
This is a great read simply because of how much it tells you about America and also how much it tells you about an industry you probably don't know much about but partake in frequently. It ain't as gory as Upton Sinclair's The Jungle which is a good thing and things seem to be a lot cleaner than in those days, but it is still a harrowing read. Rather long so make sure you have some time to sit down with it.

Weird Internet Resource Of The Week

Nomad Terminal is a repository of tons of travel related databases. Obviously by the name it is meant for digital nomad types, but we all know they aren’t the only ones who deserve a good travel resource, so just use this for your next vacation as well. The site has lists of tools for everything from finding cheaper flights to logistical and planning help to tools for finding underground drugs no matter where you are (I made that last one up but it may be in there if you look hard enough).

Other Interesting Things You May Or May Not Care About

  • I Went To The Westminster Dog Show And All I Got Was This Lousy Positive View Of Humanity
    A warming article about the missed camaraderie from the past 18 months and what it means to share a common interest with others. Plus a few Best in Show worthy tales. Go dogs!

  • AMA With Lobster Diver Who Got Swallowed By A Whale
    One minute you're diving down to the bottom of the sea to catch some lobsters to put money on the table, next minute you're inside the mouth of a humpback whale. Sounds like a bad time. But also Go whales!

  • New Balance And Miller Lite Made A Shoe Koozie
    Do you need it? Not at all. Will it be convenient to carry around like a normal koozie? Also not at all. Will it make all your beer drinking friends jealous? Quite possibly.

  • Why The Pandemic Turned Miami Into The New Monaco
    There are a combination of things you need to take into account here according to this in-depth piece in Town & Country: mostly that Miami has nice weather, lots of sex and always welcomes people with money then combine that with the fact that new age tech illuminati like to ball out in ostentatious ways and you got the new Miami.

  • Sales Of Elizabeth Holmes Swag Are Soaring Online
    Speaking of new age tech millionaires remember Elizabeth Holmes? The fraudulent blood lady that was all the rage a few years ago? (No not Kristen Stewart in Twilight). Well people are buying the Theranos nostalgia for hefty prices, like $17k for a damn lab coat.

Brands I Quite Like

There are so many brands out there that are not cool or unique that I thought I would highlight new brands that I think are in fact doing dope things and are worth knowing about. This is not sponsored or full of affiliate links.

Hamam Mag - A Bathing Obsessed Print Periodical

Based in Turkey this beautiful magazine is about all things bathing. It features essays, artist projects, photography, interviews and more. It’s clever and funny and as you would want in a magazine, designed impeccably. A great coffee table option that will be different than all the mags your friends who think they are cool and learned and what not have on their tables. Check it out.

Let’s Just Looks At Art Because Reading Sucks

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