Eli Is On Vacation Mini-Roundup No. 2

I miss you all very much

Hello Responsible Coupon Cutters,

I am currently in Athens, Greece. Been over in the Hellenic Republic for the past few weeks. Hit some islands, hit some mainland and am going to spend the rest of my time in the capital. So if you have any Athens recs send them my way.

What is dope about Europe is that you can be walking down a street and in quick succession see a Zara, a Starbucks, an arch that was instrumental in the defense of the city over two millennia ago and then a tourist shop selling the same t-shirts every other shop in the city is selling… all while trying to avoid a moped driver going up on the sidewalk to go past traffic. It is truly beautiful.

I know it is Memorial Day over in the States, but here in Europe we know of no such holiday so I’m working like a dog for y’all! JK I’m lamping, dawg, but took the time to put together a little something for ya. Here are a few links I thought you may want to read. Back to regularly scheduled Breads programming next week I promise.

One Man’s Amazing Journey To The Center Of The Bowling Ball

The sport that has most captured my heart over the past handful of years is that of bowling. It’s probably due to the fact that I was in a bowling league with some of my best friends and would get drunk as hell every Tuesday night while hoping that my muscle memory took over where my lucid coordination failed me (it did not). Whether or not you like throw back a few cold ones while you hurl a hunk of ball down the lane, the story of the physics behind how bowling balls actually work, and how the opinion on them has changed within the community over the years is super interesting.

Don’t Approach Life Like a Picky Eater

This article is all about how “neophilia”, or the willingness to try new things, is strongly associated with higher happiness. So if you’re on the fence if you should try something new or not, go for it, the data suggests you’ll be happier in the long run. Unless that new thing is the type ‘philia’ I thought this article was talking about at first when I skimmed it, because that will make a lot of people very not happy. So get out there and try new things! Within reason!

Behind The Delightful Success Of Tag Team’s Hit Commercial With Geico

This article has been out for a few months now, but I finally got around to reading it and it did not disappoint, just like this commercial does not disappoint despite the fact I have already seen it hundreds of times. I am always hyped when it comes on. Some good insight into how this whole thing went down and why it is so important.

The First Rule Of Bite Club? Talk About It.

Shark bites are far more rare than what media and Hollywood would have you believe. However, they do still happen and when they do they are quite traumatic, as you would imagine. Having your leg ripped into by a creature we have been trained to deeply fear, in a strange and scary environment (the ocean) is prime material for PTSD. So the survivors are part of a club to help support each other. This is what it is like.

How The Personal Computer Broke The Human Body

My body is willing but it is broken. A year hunching over a home desk without a proper chair has left my lower back bulging and constantly in pain. Every time I sit down to work I feel like the snitch from 300 (which, since I’m in Greece, double f*ck that dude). I hope you all are holding up at your makeshift home desks, or you’ve invested in a good set up.

The Bizarre History Of Head Transplants

Fun fact which I didn’t realize until I actually read who this article was about, but I went to elementary school with this doctor’s grandson and we hung out from time to time. My head was left in tact.

Who Killed the Recumbent Bicycle?

I’ve been Citibiking a lot recently and I’ll tell you, there has to be a niche in the market for recumbent bikeshare programs lol.

America Loves Gas Station Snacks. Here Are Some of the Finest by Region.

I was expecting this to be like regional chip flavors and what not. This is not that. This is more like actual grab and go foods from different regions. I want to try them all.

Watch This

Action Bronson is the best food personality on the television (now that Bourdain is gone) and it isn’t even close. Here he goes to his favorite bagel join in Queens.

Listen To This

This album, Itinerario Beat by Rigol is from 1973 and is great as background music for working. I don’t really know how to describe it, I’ve never been one of those Pitchforky types that can abstractly describe music in a relatable (or non relatable depending on how pretentious you think Pitchfork is) way. I would think of it as like 70s Italian jazz/opera cocktail lounge music, but cool. You’ll notice a lot of moments that have been sampled by some deep cuts, check out track number five especially, bearing some very strong resemblance to a certain Handsome Boy Modeling School song.

Normally tomorrow I would be sending out the monthly Twitter dump, but I have been on Twitter way less than usual, so I will include a select few Tweets from the past month that I saved that are great.I think this goes without saying but if they are just a question that means there is a great thread of replies that you should read.

That is all I have this week. I promise I’ll get y’all some photos from the trip eventually. Follow me on IG if you want to see them all. Need to go through them all and pick out my faves. Keep it real out there and don’t forget to floss!

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