Eli Is On Vacation Mini-Roundup No. 1

It ain't much but it's something

Hello Technicolor Dreamcoat Wearers,

This newsletter will be very different than usual weeks because I am on vacation and trying to relax my ass off so I would prefer not to spend it hunched in front of my computer reading endless articles. But because I love you all dearly and am a glutton for routine I wanted to send out something. So here is a far less organized, far less in-depth version of the newsletter. I hope you’ll understand and I hope you’ll enjoy. Expect this over the next few weeks.

Why Having Friends of Different Ages Matters — And How It Can Impact an Ageist Society

Get yourself some old ass friends damnit! You need to hear “back in my day” far more often than you do now. And also get some young ass friends so you can say “back in my day” as well. It is the circle of life.

Fonts in Popular Culture Identified Vol. 3

This is from a site called Type Wolf and it is super “inside design” if that was a term, but it is still really cool. And the site is of course, beautiful.

The Newest Status Symbol For High-Net Worth Homeowners: Trophy Trees

If you don’t have an olive tree from Tuscany are you even making the most of your generational wealth, bro?

Rumble in the jungle: what animals would win in a fight?

A survey of Americans on what animals they think would win in a fight against another animal. For science. But then they were also asked how they thought they would fare, unarmed, against various species. Eight percent of people thought they could take an elephant. How the freak would that work. Six percent thought they could take a grizzly! This brings me back to a frequent argument/discussion we would have on my high school soccer team: could you take a three-legged grizzly bear if you had a baseball bat. Common clarifying questions were: what leg is missing (front or back makes a big difference) and is it a metal or a wooden bat? Regardless I always said no, so the fact that 6% of Americans think they could take down a grizzly bear on their own is really fucking me up.

A Flowchart For Founders (Or Anyone Else) Trying To Pursue An Office Romance

A handy flowchart in light of the recent Bill Gates news of inappropriate office relations. Basically don’t do it. The only kind of loving that should be going down at the office is self love. But like in the sense that you should take care of yourself and take some personal days off work. Don’t like do what Michael Fassbender was doing in the movie Shame because that is also definitely not ok.

The Road To Electric Is Filled With Tiny Cars

Y’all know about the tiny homes trend but what about the tiny car trend. It is huge in China because they are insanely affordable compared to their big time cousins. This is from Rest of World who is really doing amazing work. So much interesting stuff from them.

O’Doyle Still Rules: We Tracked Down The Bullies From ‘Billy Madison’

We’ve all been thinking about it constantly for the past few decades. Let’s be honest. A rather in depth piece on the history behind all the O’Doyle’s and how they have gone on living their lives since the film.

Listen To This

Egyptian Organ Funk Meets Libyan Reggae In New Habibi Funk Compilation

Expect some dope photos for the newsletter this next week from my travels. Maybe a missive or two about the journey. Otherwise stay cool. Stay super hot (lookswise not temperaturewise). And stay healthy.

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