Thanksgiving Internet Video Bonanza 2021

A yearly tradition of internet videos worth watching

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Hello Pilgrim Cosplayers,

We did this last year and y’all were fans. So hopefully this year you will enjoy it as well. The gist of this is that I’m not going to send you guys a bunch of articles you’re not going to read while you’re stuffing your face and arguing with your aunts and uncles about what the definition of defund is. Instead i’m setting you up with some absurd, hilarious, education and entertaining videos to maybe just pull up when conversations get too heated. If you want to watch the incredible Thanksgiving adjacent video from the GIF above you can do so right here.

There’s a chance you know some of these. But I guarantee you that you won’t know all of them. Some are newer. Some are throwbacks that you’ll be happy to see once again. Like an old friend. All you need is one new favorite video out of this and it is a success. A lot of stupid shit in here! But also a lot of smart shit!

Send me some of your faves and I’ll start including them in regular editions of The Breads going forward.

Lil Globglogabgalab

God this shit is soooo weird. But it’s also so catchy. And also a little creepy. But also kind of hilarious. Which is what the internet is all about really isn’t it?

John Travolta Is A Giant Idiot

This will never not be funny. I would probably rank it just behind Steve Harvey announcing the wrong Miss Universe and Warren Beatty getting thrown under the bus by Faye Dunaway and screwing up the Moonlight best picture win. But this one, after you watch it a few times, you are able to see the realization of pure failure in Travolta’s eyes as he’s halfway through trying to pronounce Idina Menzel’s name.

An Accent Expert Breaks Down US Accents

This one is just really interesting to think about as this guy gets into all the nuances of language and how they can differ so much from region to region despite being the same language.

Al Roker Comes Clean About Shitting His Pants At The Whitehouse

I’m sorry I know I shouldn’t find this hilarious. And I’m not laughing at the reasons behind this happening (Roker getting gastric bypass surgery) I just personally love the matter-of-factness this duo has in their conversation about it.

The Last Full Interview Of Anthony Bourdain

At once heartbreaking and interesting. You can tell the man is hurting, but he still is able to impart such wisdom and does it (mostly) with grace.

Bill Hader On Writing Kanye Fish Sticks Joke

I had no idea that Hader wrote for South Park in the first place. Which in and of itself is really cool. Hearing the way the team thinks through things and comes up with jokes is crazy interesting, especially when it was a bit that was so impactful.

David After Dentist Ten Years Down The Line

Viral fame, especially in the early days, does not equate to future success or money. Glad to see he hasn’t turned into a drug-addicted former child star though.

Bad Lip Reading But Starwars

I’m not generally a fan of BLR, but this one got me good multiple times. The song is great. It’s funny, it’s creepy, it focuses on seagulls for some reason. It’s all good. The line where he talks about finding a stick under a log and then thinking the log had a child is so funny to me.

Kid Interrupts Live TV Interview

At the time this was amazing. Now after everyone is so used to working from home, this is some run-of-the-mill Tuesday shit. Still incredible though.

Coca-Cola, Nutella and Mentos in a Condom

Science is always cool. When you also use a condom to do science it’s sexy and cool. And when you have a pudgy, bald, crazed Italian screaming at the top of his lungs about the chemical reaction going on, well that is TV magic people.

The Steam That Powers New York City

Very informational video on why there is always steam pouring out of those orange and white striped stacks sticking out of the middle of the street in New York. It is because a huge portion of the city still runs on steam power, and when there is an excess of steam it has to be let out otherwise shit will explode (which it does sometimes).

The Fake Art Market

I particularly enjoyed this undercover Vice piece where they show just how rampant the counterfeit art market is. One of their correspondents tries to pass off some pro-level forgery as her own, as they do.

How Ocean Shipping Works (And Why It’s Broken)

This guy makes some of my favorite geography and infrastructure videos. He breaks things down in a way that is both enlightening and consumable. This one, about shipping and supply chains, is highly relevant for the times.

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